Sunday, July 11, 2010

Observe under your feet

It's very hot today. The kind of hot that sears bare feet on concrete. So these were taken very quickly late this afternoon.

3 studies illustrate violet undertones against white hot and mottled grays, moss and rust.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Spur of the moment project

Trying to organize tubs of stuff and randomness all over this house, and remembered that I've been meaning to recover this very traditional chair with some fabric I found just over a year ago. Really, can it be that long? I was scrolling through some blogs and saw some amazing before and afters on Design Sponge today and was inspired to run down into storage and search for this piece of decorative mod fabric that is kind of a cool juxtaposition on a queen anne styled chair. (And yes, those are Zsu Zsu pets on the desk.)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Studio renovation

For the last few weeks, the renovation of our basement has finally come together! After many trips to IKEA, agonizing over carpet swatches and waiting patiently for electricians, plumbers, sheetrockers and painters to finish-we are on the edge of being finished! The carpet goes in the end of this week and the final punch list will knock out those last hanging details. But one of the most exciting parts of all this is getting to finally see the finished stained floor in my studio. I chose a color called marina blue and hoped that the 50+ years of accumulated stains, paint, rust and whatever else that took place on the floor would come through in a most amazing spontaneous finish. The sealer went on this morning, which creates depth of color and shine, and it looks so AMAZING! I've included photos, but they really don't do justice to seeing the real thing in person. Every inch of this floor is so beautiful!
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