Friday, April 22, 2011

Swan dream

The vision for this painting has been sitting in the back of my mind for awhile, sketches were made, many nights waking up and thinking about it. I even had the surface prepared weeks ago, but it was propped up in my studio waiting, waiting, waiting. And finally this week, I sketched it out, and painted it in about 3-4 hours.

And it reminded me of a great story about Pablo Picasso:

Some guy told Picasso he’d pay him to draw a picture on a napkin. Picasso whipped out a pen and banged out a sketch, handed it to the guy, and said, “One million dollars, please.”“A million dollars?” the guy exclaimed. “That only took you thirty seconds!”“Yes,” said Picasso. “But it took me fifty years to learn how to draw that in thirty seconds.”-from the Village Voice

I'm not quite at 50 years of learning, but it makes me think getting to that point might be more attainable!
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