Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A mixed media collage painted on a 5x5 wood block, this little terrarium is just full of miniature happiness! I received an order of new paints from Dick Blick last week and after the holiday weekend, I was finally able to really break in some of these colors. One of my faves is a turquoise green mixed with pthalo blue-so vivid and lovely. Can't you see how magical it is inside there? hehe

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

keeping place

As a kid, it always fascinated me out to put insects, toads, etc. in a jar, yet after awhile, it became a little creepy watching them bat around and eventually sit lethargic at the bottom of the jar. We would eventually let them go, with me left feeling sort of guilty for doing it in the first place. Yet when I was at one of my favorite antique markets awhile ago, I found butterflies mounted behind glass and was again intrigued to see these little creatures up close and in detail. I almost bought it, but somehow couldn't bring myself to do it! So instead I did this little painting on wood. It should suffice for now.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday time

Feeling relatively normal today after an insane last couple of weeks. This rain is certainly helping (as well as slipping in a yoga class this morning!) But as I unpack artwork and return emails and phone calls, I'm finding that there is plenty to do around the corner. Next up is the Little Tree Gallery Holiday Show on Dec. 3 & 4. I've got to get cracking on some new work for sure, esp. some larger pieces. Along with a couple commissions, I'm sure my holidays will go by pretty quickly around here.

So I had finished 8 ornaments and sold 5 at my last two shows. Here is a peek at the first five stars, I didn't even get a chance to photograph my other 3 yet and one got out the door before I could even remember what it looked like! Sheesh, no worries though, I'll crank out a few more for the Little Tree show!

Monday, November 08, 2010

New Work

This week, two shows that I'm furiously working on getting some inventory for. "oh, Hello" (above) and "Frog Royale" -a piece you may
recognize (but new and improved!) . I'll have ornaments, more wood blocks and finally, some notecards! I'll show you pics of those as soon as they get photographed.
So here are details about the shows. The first one is called Two Birds, One Heart and is a home show in Druid Hills benefiting the Decatur Cooperative Ministry and CURE. Check out the invitation for times and directions.

And my friend Heather Pyles is having her annual holiday show in Avondale on Sunday, Nov. 14 5 pm-9 pm, 107 Dartmouth Ave., Avondale Estates.

Hope you can come to one of the shows to see new work and as well as some other fabulous creatives displaying their wares-it's officially holiday shopping season people, so come check it out!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Museum School Second grade auction projects

The last couple weeks have absolutely been insane, with classroom auction projects, auction committee duties and getting ready for three shows, I can barely keep my eyes open! Yet, it all will come quickly to an end after next weekend. The Museum School auction is on Friday, November 12th at 6 pm at Bart Webb Studios (more info at www.themuseumschool.org)

Ok, so I had to make a little plug there, only because if you can come to the auction just to see all the classroom art projects, it would be worth it! They are simply "museum" worthy and anyone would be excited to hang one of their works in their home.

Pictured above are three upcycled windows the second grade kids painted on for their project. They are currently studying oceans, and specifically the three layers of the ocean. So since we had three old windows, we divided the kids into groups to create the sunlight, twilight and midnight layers of the ocean. They really LOVED this project and I think they did a fabulous job! (top to bottom, Midnight (this one has glow in the dark paint!), Twilight, and Sunlight.

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