Monday, February 23, 2009


So this weekend JT and I went on our anniversary trip to Serenbe, some 1000 acres of farmland with a guest house and private cottages set against a backdrop of horses, chickens and goats, walking trails, a small lake, rolling countryside and just downright peace and quiet. It's only 40 minutes south of Atlanta, so you feel out of town, but can zip right back to reality in minutes (that part is a little sad) But after the required decompression time, it was just a lovely place to relax and do nothing. We felt far away, and that was certainly the goal. February is not necessarily the best time to be here, but it was tranquil and very laid back. I do want to come back and see the wildflower fields and walk to the waterfalls. It was pretty cold, so more time by the fire and less time hiking around! Dinner at The Hil in the community nearby was outstanding. Organic food and delicious wine hit the spot. A place to remember.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Forever listen from your heart

Paula is listening to a little Poulenc, and losing herself in that musical trance. Have you ever had that moment when you're listening to the most profound music and it entrances you until the very last note is played and then after wards it echos in your head for a moment, and then it's gone.listen,heart,woman,music It actually feels like listening from your heart.

Listening to a concert pianist play live is the most unbelievable experience. I'll never forget seeing this Belgian guy play Rachmoninav effortlessly, it was simply enthralling. I think the piece lasted 20 minutes or so and when it was over I realized that I hadn't moved or barely breathed the entire time. I was simply mesmerized, and it's not often we get to feel like that.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sightseer-a trip to Paris

Hello love bug! This little turquoise Volkswagen beetle makes you smile, eh? Another piece in my "er" series. A collection of works using the theme of words ending in "er" The travel pieces will become more frequent only because I have oodles of reference of all the places we visited in the first decade of our marriage (yikes, scary when it's put that way!)sightseer, paris,travel,eiffel tower,beetle,bug,volkswagen

Being a sightseer in Paris makes for some easy visual play since there are SO many incredible sights to translate on canvas. The Eiffel Tower is not one of the more beautiful sites, because it's always mobbed with people. And to tell you the truth, when we were there we didn't even go up o the top! It was evening, we enjoyed the view, and then went to drink wine and eat some amazing French food, tres bon! I really miss being the jet setter, but don't miss the actual "jetting" part. Planes are freaking me out these days, so I'm a land lubber for awhile. And would not mind cruising around in a a little blue bug either.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A little love bird mobile

A little metal love bird. I did similar version of this for an ornament exchange party in December and it was such a hit I decided to make some more. I'm going to try to sell these on Etsy, but in the meantime, I'll just make these and give them away as gifts!love bird mobile

I've been using metal sheets purchased from Michael's, but checked out the hardware store and found metal flashing for MUCH cheaper. I just need to find the right gauge in order to cut it easily and make holes. So stay tuned and I hope to make a whole slew of these!
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