Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hang on Sister jewelry collaboration

Here's the bottlecap and glass tile necklaces I promised to post. I didn't take a very good photo this morning, the light was weird outside, but it will do for now! I'm working on some custom painted boxes to house some of these lovelies for the holiday season. They are super cute and will be themed for each necklace-I hope to finish them this week and will show them as soon as they're finished!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Chastain Park Art Festival a success!

This weekend was the first Chastain Park Art Festival and besides the really, really cold weather, people came out to see the artists! Saturday was pretty bone chilling and I did ok considering the weather with sales, but Sunday was sunny and beautiful and LOTS of people came out, thank goodness! I sold a lot of my art blocks, a few originals and five necklaces from Hang on Sister-which I will photograph for the next post.

So I took a few pictures of my booth with my phone, it turned out so cute! I didn't even really have a plan for setup, but Friday I got an idea and quickly took a leftover piece of cedar from our deck, screwed in a bunch of leftover screws to hang my blocks and it worked out so fabulous. It really made a difference in my display. I also used a wire picture holder turned on its side to display the hanging necklaces.

Thanks to all who came out to see me and supporting the festival!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Starlight-6x6 series

Ok, this one has been sitting on a shelf for weeks unfinished! I just couldn't quite figure out how to get this piece to come together. I knew I wanted it to be a night theme on the beach, but just wasn't sure how to work with the spiral imagery. So black starfish-like flowers is what I started thinking about and then stars in the sky, starfish on the beach....a visual theme came together-an easy one at that!

Short on time here, K and M are both sick today and dinner has just arrived! I'm off to Home Depot tonight to get some wood cut for a piece I sold this weekend and picking up some other odds and ends for my show this weekend. More on that later!

Friday, October 09, 2009

The white queen and a wonderful night

Tonight was book club, a most anticipated night of the month for me. I bailed around 11 pm to go home and decompress, this week has been crazy and my head has been spinning. But as it pours down rain again, I feel relaxed and exhausted, so ready for sleep! This month, we read The White Queen and this lovely lady was inspired by Elizabeth and her very heavy headpiece. I can only imagine what is was like to dress up in such a dramatic, cumbersome way. This little bat trainer is one of my faves and turned out so perfectly spooky for Halloween.

I'm inundated with all kinds of preparations for next week's festival and it was nice to go out and be distracted and relax with friends. The second in my Lovely Mystical series is now framed and ready to go, I'm working on the Spider Queen which has been put on a shelf so I can finish up some other projects. But I hope to finish it this weekend! I will be working furiously to get some last minute pieces created, so if I am MIA for the next week, forgive me and I promise to give updates after this upcoming whirly wind week! have a great weekend! In the meantime, here is the little sketch of her to tide you over.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Ruby blooms on Cumberland

Ruby blooms, the second in my 6x6 series on cradled aquaboard.

While on Cumberland island last weekend, I noticed a lot of blooming wild flowers. Not very typical for September! There were these tiny red blooms in the grass and lots of vines with purple and white flowers. I'm not sure what kind they were, but they looked stunning against all the lush, green growth that resulted from the deluge of rain Georgia has been getting the last month. The palmettos were huge! And the wild horses looked better than they usually do, sometimes they have ratty coats and look pretty rough. Butterflies were everywhere too, big monarchs as well as little yellow and white ones. It was truly magical to see. I also received the wonderful gift of spotting two great northern owls-just stunning. Additionally, a few ospreys, wild turkeys and my favorite, an albino deer. Now that calls for a painting! stay tuned...
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