Friday, October 09, 2009

The white queen and a wonderful night

Tonight was book club, a most anticipated night of the month for me. I bailed around 11 pm to go home and decompress, this week has been crazy and my head has been spinning. But as it pours down rain again, I feel relaxed and exhausted, so ready for sleep! This month, we read The White Queen and this lovely lady was inspired by Elizabeth and her very heavy headpiece. I can only imagine what is was like to dress up in such a dramatic, cumbersome way. This little bat trainer is one of my faves and turned out so perfectly spooky for Halloween.

I'm inundated with all kinds of preparations for next week's festival and it was nice to go out and be distracted and relax with friends. The second in my Lovely Mystical series is now framed and ready to go, I'm working on the Spider Queen which has been put on a shelf so I can finish up some other projects. But I hope to finish it this weekend! I will be working furiously to get some last minute pieces created, so if I am MIA for the next week, forgive me and I promise to give updates after this upcoming whirly wind week! have a great weekend! In the meantime, here is the little sketch of her to tide you over.

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