Friday, April 24, 2009

oh little alice

They are getting cranked out now! I've finished the sketch for Alice and the white rabbit and will start this one tomorrow. I'm at 9 finished paintings

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's finally over-now on to better things!

Phew!!!! I am breathing easier right now because I finally finished a huge design project and it's at the printer. I've really been cranking it out the last couple weeks and had almost forgot what it's like to be sitting at the computer endlessly doing revisions and design and more revisions. UGH!! I can see my burnout looming in the future! But that being said, I'm pretty happy with the end product and it will be a pretty nice piece to add to my design portfolio.

But on to more exciting things. Now I get to focus and power through another 8 paintings for my upcoming show at Steinbeck's on Thursday, May 7. I've been doing a lot of sketches and have some random ideas, but getting them on canvas is another thing all together. I have 6 pieces ready and one more just about finished. My goal is to have 15 NEW pieces. Pretty lofty, eh? The one I'm showing is called "Anita: Silent and wary, they wonder where she's gone". I've really had to focus and make sure that each piece I do is show-worthy, so to speak. I mean, they all have to be GREAT!! I really hope I can be satisfied with the end results. The countdown is on, 15 days....oooh, when I think about it that way, I need to finish one every other day! I may have to include some prints....hmmmm.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting ready for Imaginary Worlds show

Lots of busy-ness going on these days between a big brochure project I've been working on for the Task Force for Global Health and getting ready for my solo show on May 7 (yes, you heard it first!). Actually, the anniversary book is almost to the printer and then I can really focus on cranking out some pieces for my show. art show,dancer,opening,brochure,imaginary worlds

The theme is "Imaginary Worlds" where I speak from the memories of a child. Capturing imagery illustrating a fleeting memory or glimpse of the past and where characters are caught in an expression of carefree whimsy and the viewer is given an opportunity to experience an intimate, nostalgic moment. This collection has been so much fun to work on and the ideas emanating are endless! I want to create just the right imagery, simple and powerful. It's been an incredible journey to wake up every morning wondering what ideas will emerge today and whether they will make the cut in the end. Stay tuned, I'm reluctant to post much of my new work because I want it to be sort of "unveiled" at the show. But I'm not that mean, here's a sneak peak, which is also available on my Etsy shop as a print.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Black bird's party

This black bird piece is 3x4 feet on canvas and was hanging in my bedroom for a few years before I took it down and reworked it. It was a monotone piece that I got sort of sick at looking at and felt like some color and fun was needed. Circuses and parties have been on the brain, so this little bird needed a party hat! I've only reworked existing paintings 2 times before, and both were large on canvas. I think it's because I have an "out with the old in with the new" kind of thought bird party painting art canvas

I remember when I was in college, my 3-d instructor had a show in the school gallery. He decided to burn all his previous work and create all new pieces for that show. At the time, I thought that was insane, cuckoo clock stuff, but now I can sort of relate. I went through a bunch of old paintings and threw out a bunch of stuff that was totally embarrassing-so bad! I know, I know, you might say that it's a document of progress. But right now, I feel like I only want to look at work I'm proud of and not be reminded of my mistakes.
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