Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sightseer-a trip to Paris

Hello love bug! This little turquoise Volkswagen beetle makes you smile, eh? Another piece in my "er" series. A collection of works using the theme of words ending in "er" The travel pieces will become more frequent only because I have oodles of reference of all the places we visited in the first decade of our marriage (yikes, scary when it's put that way!)sightseer, paris,travel,eiffel tower,beetle,bug,volkswagen

Being a sightseer in Paris makes for some easy visual play since there are SO many incredible sights to translate on canvas. The Eiffel Tower is not one of the more beautiful sites, because it's always mobbed with people. And to tell you the truth, when we were there we didn't even go up o the top! It was evening, we enjoyed the view, and then went to drink wine and eat some amazing French food, tres bon! I really miss being the jet setter, but don't miss the actual "jetting" part. Planes are freaking me out these days, so I'm a land lubber for awhile. And would not mind cruising around in a a little blue bug either.

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