Friday, February 12, 2010

Wonder land

I just created a new painting entitled "Wonder land" yesterday and I'm not going to post it yet, cause I wanted to show how much "wonderland' was create today with our sudden snowfall. This is the second round of snow this year, which, is definitely a treat for us in the south where it really is not typical to have significant snowfall in the winter. The most amazing thing I realize is that since I grew up with major snowfall in MI, and b&*$ched about it all the time, it is so nostalgic to have snow falling and realize how quiet it becomes as the snow builds up. We have skylights and when the snow covers them like a blanket, the whole house takes on this wonderful light, and outside, I can hardly hear the traffic on Clarendon Ave., there's almost an insulation of sound. You feel cocooned inside-and it really is an amazing feeling to feel safe, and snug and warm. K and I shared hot chocolate this afternoon and the family watched a movie at 5:30 pm. These are the things that seem so mundane, but are indeed very decadent on a Friday afternoon. Getting ready to settle down to watch the opening ceremonies of the winter olympics!

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