Thursday, May 20, 2010

Art in the Afternoon-Kilroy and Maw

I can hardly stand it, I love these prints so much. AND I happen to love me some fine swine too. Really, really longing for these super cool gig posters and art prints. Can you dig it? Sarah Watts has a super cool website and blog that you MUST check out. A recent Ringling School of the Arts grad, she is one talented illustrator people! Kilroy and Maw have been cranking out screenprints for a year now, and check out their Etsy shop too. She will be hanging out at the Blanchard residence at Art in the Afternoon on June 5.

Kilroy and Maw,
Kilroy and Maw are an energetic and fresh-thinking Atlanta team who create gig posters and art prints. Just getting started, the duo has a lot of new art in store. They are working with other artists for an ongoing project based around craft beers! Kilroy and Maw like to create art that is affordable and handmade so more people can enjoy it.

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