Thursday, March 24, 2011

a tale un-fold

Whales, the earth's most massive mammals, have been depicted as mysterious creatures in stories throughout history. There is a certain allure they carry about them. Occasionally, we hear in the news about how some of the populations are dwindling, or how the use of sonar is throwing them off their migrations, or even worse, hunting.

Yet finding out that these gentle giants are very social and extroverted, and that researchers have discovered that they know how to teach and learn, they scheme, cooperate and grieve and even dream. Their intelligence is definitely underestimated, and studies have shown that whales learn to avoid areas that are unsafe, and they have good memories in navigating that is beyond instinct and more closely related to making decisions.

Do you wonder? They sound a lot like us. Maybe we have more in common with the whales than we thought.

"a tale un-fold" approx. 6" x 4" mixed media on wood block


Gabrielle Evelyn said...

Well,let's protect every variety in the world together~~

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