Tuesday, May 24, 2011

hello again. life's business got a hold of me. it's may, and it's just like december. well, sort of. just hotter.
i'm typing in lowercase because i'm laying in bed and just don't feel like using the caps key.
so today i'd like to show you some work by a facebook friend of mine that i've never met, but was connected through a kendall grad. melanie parke, www.melanieparke.com, has paintings that exude loveliness. pure color, bold forms and absolutely exquisite subjects. This abstract piece especially speaks to me, the color is delicate, but rich and bright. the white shapes and drips are amazing. check out her still lifes too, eye candy indeed. quick, go visit her site and check out all her great work.

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Gabrielle Evelyn said...


What do you wanna show?

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