Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lotta drawing going on here

Another drawing by Karina. It is a lovely thing to see the little sketches and paintings all over the house. She likes to tape them up on the wall underneath a acrylic on canvas piece I did. Does she want to be just like mommy? I hope so, but better! A funny action is watching how she jumps from activity to activity in a matter of minutes. She'll see a marker or piece of paper lying around and just immediately sit down and start creating something. "Where are my scissors mommy?" she asks. She will start cutting shapes into her folded up artwork to make a design, or start gluing collage pieces all over a background. She likes to draw in crayon and then paint over with watercolor noting the change in color it makes. Can you say mixed-media? Phenomenal!
Here's a cute little pen and ink on notebook paper.

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