Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Good Things List

I was inspired by a "good things" list by Penelope Dullaghan awhile back and thought since I haven't posted anything regarding the new year, this would be as good a good excuse to write down what I'm thankful for and be a cup of overflowing optimism. I'm not very good at new year resolutions, so instead, maybe I can look back on this list next week, month or year, when I'm grumpy or impatient with my kids, yelling at the insane drivers on 285 or eyeball rolling any of my husband's air-brained antics:) and be inspired by these good things:

The Good Things

-the beach and all the wonderful and amazing things that go with it
-that it can be 70 degrees in January like yesterday
-my cat gives me unconditional love and is a great security blanket
-Marly, 2 1/2 saying "no, I want a piece of you!"
-finally knowing a mechanic who will not rip us off-and even fix our car at cost this time!
-Karina is attending the amazing Friends School
-discovering another level of creativity through my 5-year-old
-having an almost completely purged basement with a space carved out for my studio!
-my neighborhood, my dear friends
-book club, and all the wonderful memories made so far
-martinis with olives
-being healthy, finally
-yoga, and more yoga everyday
-the farmer's market, so glad it's down the street from me
-Twilight vampire teen horror series, yes, they are so good
-lentil soup, black bean soup, crab bisque, shrimp and grits-yum
-chai tea
-starbucks coffee, and proud of it
-juice plus vitamins
-going to lunch with a girlfriend ( I really need to actually do that soon!)
-connecting with friends and family through facebook

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