Friday, May 01, 2009

A little bird told me sketch

I've been a drawing, painting, concepting fiend these last few weeks. I'm starting to burn on fumes here, though. Very tired and as my show gets closer, I feel like I just want to squeeze out just a couple more paintings. I've got 14 and just finished sketching my last piece.

Which is great, because 15 pieces was my goal and they will all be finished by next Thursday. I guess now I'm looking at all the pieces together and a few seem like they might not fit in my theme anymore. They may just have to do, but now I've got it in my head to maybe create a few more and then I can make some choices at the end in case I want to not include something. Boy, my brain is just going non-stop. I look forward to next weekend where I will be doing NOTHING! But what will that really be like? Restful, sure, but not having a deadline anymore for creating MY art? not sure how that will feel. This sketch is one of my last pieces I did featuring characters from fairy tales called, "A little bird told me"

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