Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Utter bliss

Oh yes, it is so wonderful at the beach. We are spending the week in Destin in a beautiful home in a community called Destiny by the Sea. Our friends the Kamean's we're generous enough to offer their beach house to us for our vacation this year! Yes, believe me, we feel extremely lucky and are so overwhelmed by their generosity.

We usually go to St. George Island twice a year. It is our most favorite place to visit. It's quiet and very un-touristy-quite the opposite of Destin! But with the kids, it's been nice here, Karina met a friend on the beach and we ventured out to Fuddpucker's and fed the alligators yesterday. Lots of putt putt golf, water parks, etc. SGI is still #1 in my book, though.beach,bliss,vacation,destin,destiny by the sea,beach house,st. george island

After my show and all the stress of work, life, and obligations, it's been a welcome opportunity to do absolutely NOTHING. I mean, I haven't even read my book that much, just staring at the ocean, playing with the kids, having cocktails at random hours (oh yeah) taking walks. But it took about 3 days to let go of it all and really feel rested. The kids had to settle in to the new digs (us too) and the routine is becoming a bit more happy-go-lucky. With 3 days to go, I'm going to make the most of it, so bye-bye until I get back!

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