Friday, August 28, 2009

Tumbling for you-6x6 gallery

I'm sending my piece in for the 6x6gallery exhibition that will be held in October in New York City. This is a really cool project where artists of any level and medium can submit work to be exhibited in the gallery and online. I just love all these opportunities that pop up all over now where artists can get seen virtually, and then connected in real life. retro,chair,I'll tumble for you,art,6x6 gallery,exhibition,new york city,painting,original

The ideas to get your work seen seem endless, and I feel like I can hardly keep up with my to-do list these days! This piece is inspired by one of those bright orange retro kid's chairs. The primary color's in the painting really make the chair pop, and for some reason while I was creating it, I couldn't get that Culture Club song, "I'll Tumble for You" out of my head, so that kind of stuck for my title!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

High frequency


So I've been super busy preparing for the upcoming show on September 12 at the Decatur Market Cooperative Gallery and it's been hard to do all my online duties when I need to be painting and getting work done! This will be a short one, just wanted to show my latest piece, High frequency. This is part of my series on energy of circles, momentum and creative energy. One of my faves so far, because I loved composing the ribbons flying off the umbrella clothes line! I'm going to be working on some large pieces this week, so the challenge will be to preserve the looseness of my smaller pieces on a bigger format. As always, the print is available in my Etsy shop. Until next time!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Decatur Cooperative Gallery

The latest is...I'm going to be one of the exhibitors at Decatur Cooperative Gallery! I'm very excited to start a new path with my work, and that means I will need to really PRODUCE. Not just a painting here and there, but start to paint on a daily basis and move towards painting more full time and making graphic design less prominent. Being a member of the the cooperative gallery will give me an opportunity to really connect with other artists, get more recognition in the community and, most importantly, to really get my groove on with creating inventory. This will be a growing year for me, heading into the holiday season, I'm hoping that I'll actually sell work and be able to keep my little space full.

Now that I'm out of the haze of "babydom" and on the edge of exiting "toddlerdom" opportunities are starting to emerge and I'm hoping this is my time to create a reputation and get some local followings. Stay tuned for a lot of work in the upcoming weeks to be posted in preparation for the opening on September 12 that welcomes new artists (me!)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Turn kinetic- collage painting


This piece is part of a new watercolor and collage series on paper. I've been working with acrylics and gouache on wood panels for awhile and needed to mix it up a bit. These are going to be larger pieces, around 20 x 30 and focus on imagery related to spiraling movement and creative energy. Hopefully I can produce a good collection to show this fall, there are a few galleries I'm submitting to and it would get me in gear to follow through if I have a goal in mind! Turn Kinetic is available as a print in my etsy shop.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

The big 40 party!

So I realized I haven't posted any pics from my fabulous 40th birthday party that my husband and friends threw for me on July 25! I truly believe this party will go down in history as one of the best we've thrown ever. I mean, all my true blues swooped in and decorated, cooked, organized and arranged the most kick-a&*$ gathering anyone could ask for.

Miles, the mixologist was the highlight of the party. There was a drink list (pictured) and lo and behold he actually created a version of a gin mule for me! Seriously, it was the yummiest drink ever!

The night was very laid back, casual and we were able to sit outside on the deck and screen porch with all the doors thrown open. A delicious summer night, cold drinks with sexy ice cubes (Miles had to bring his own cubes!) and all of my buds from the hood. An amazing and memorable night!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Jai ho

I've started some more watercolor pieces on different kinds of printmaking and drawing papers. This one is just straight watercolor and pencil on Rives BFK, one of my favorite papers. It has this nice off-white buffed feel and is so nice to draw on! I'm going to integrate some collage and embroidery eventually, I had done one other piece called Routine and it has been a pretty popular piece. This next batch will be much larger, like 20 x 30, in order to get some spontaneous brushwork going. bhangra,india,dancer,painting,art

Working small has it's advantages, quicker, easy to move around-but I want to do some shows this fall and would like to have a collection of works on paper to choose from. We'll just see where this goes. For now, here's a peek into a study of a bhangra dancer, Jai ho. Sort of inspired by my fave show, So you think you can dance" I know, cheesy, but I love watching all those talented people dance their tails off! And they started featuring some Bollywood numbers and the costumes are absolutely amazing. Ok, off to paint before I pick up my daughter, time just flew this morning!
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