Monday, August 03, 2009

Jai ho

I've started some more watercolor pieces on different kinds of printmaking and drawing papers. This one is just straight watercolor and pencil on Rives BFK, one of my favorite papers. It has this nice off-white buffed feel and is so nice to draw on! I'm going to integrate some collage and embroidery eventually, I had done one other piece called Routine and it has been a pretty popular piece. This next batch will be much larger, like 20 x 30, in order to get some spontaneous brushwork going. bhangra,india,dancer,painting,art

Working small has it's advantages, quicker, easy to move around-but I want to do some shows this fall and would like to have a collection of works on paper to choose from. We'll just see where this goes. For now, here's a peek into a study of a bhangra dancer, Jai ho. Sort of inspired by my fave show, So you think you can dance" I know, cheesy, but I love watching all those talented people dance their tails off! And they started featuring some Bollywood numbers and the costumes are absolutely amazing. Ok, off to paint before I pick up my daughter, time just flew this morning!

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