Saturday, June 05, 2010

Michelle Armas-Art in the Afternoon feature

I'm off and running in sec, but wanted to post one last artist for you to preview before today's Art in the Afternoon event (3-7 pm) I discovered Michelle from Sarah Watts blog, and discover that Jessica Swift, Sarah and Michelle all know each other! I decided to have them exhibit together over at the Blanchard residence, 70 Lakeshore Dr., Avondale Estates, GA 30002. They all have distinctive styles, but compliment each other really well. I'm super excited to see how it all looks once they're set up.

I was drawn to Michelle's sense of color and detail. Her works are abstract, and you can also see how her work stems from deep love of design, and as a matter of fact, she is a designer too! I could stand in front of her works for a very. long. time. They are really distinctively different than anything I've seen in a while! Make sure you check out her blog too.

Trained as a graphic designer, Armas began painting as an antidote to the rigid, strategic work of a corporate branding environment. Drawing on instinct and fantasy, she creates another world as it might have been imagined by early scientists discovering microbes and bacteria and the environments they thrived in. Armas lives in Atlanta and works in graphic and textile design as well as fine art.

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