Friday, June 04, 2010

Shawn Brasfield-Art in the Afternoon feature

A former Avondale Estates resident, Shawn Brasfield, returns for a visit to exhibit at Art in the Afternoon, June 5, 3-7 pm at the Lass & Zimny residence, 803 Stratford Rd. His work is distinctively whimsical, with a graphic design and illustration background, you can certainly see the lighthearted stories emerging from his work. He paints with oils and acrylics to create spontaneous, translucent backgrounds. Using sandpaper and his grandfather's ice pick to get just the right texture, he then adds his whimsical characters. I bet you can't wait to see his work in person, right?

Shawn Brasfield,
Conceived in the decade of flower power, moon dust, and the Polaroid camera, Shawn Brasfield's art might seem to be inspired from the age of experimentation. Born in 1968 in a small southern town, Shawn began drawing at age two and has never stopped. Upon graduating Auburn University in 1992, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue a career in graphic design. After ten years of moving pixels around a screen, Shawn felt the need to channel his drawings into a more lively and tactile medium - painting. Bold, fun, and filled with color, his art is inspired by today's contemporary culture, interpreting common themes into a unique and whimsical vision. Shawn's work lives in the homes of numerous collectors who are addicted to art that makes them feel good.In Shawn's own words- "The collectors of my paintings have told me they are drawn to my work because it reflects a lighthearted and whimsical view of life. This is my whole purpose in what I do - to paint a creative smile in the mind and warm feeling in the belly."

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