Tuesday, September 08, 2009

hello Bluebird

I stumbled on this adorable website called "hello Bluebird" and this is what they're all about:

"We are a community of artisans and crafters who feel that shopping can be guilt free, affordable and socially conscious. A majority of our products are sold on consignment so that you are directly supporting crafters and allowing them to do what they love! We also believe that business can be built on a community rather than a marketing scheme."

Isn't that cool? And they are having their first gallery opening called Show and Tell, works combining art and words, which I love, because one of my favorite things is to add poetry or words to my work. These are some gorgeous works, check out their site to see a closeup of the featured artists!

1 comment:

alexandra said...

thanks for finding us, Jen! We are having a wonderful adventure so far!! Please drop in if you are ever in our corner of the world!

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