Friday, March 19, 2010

Art in the Afternoon-Betsy Halford

And now for the next featured artist that will be at Art in the Afternoon on April 3 is Betsy Halford. This girl is one creative genius. Her mixed media sculpture is outstanding and unbelievable. She creates these really amazing hand-bound journals and one-of-a-kind up-cycled jewelry too. She is also a fellow artist at the cooperative gallery, Decatur Market & Gallery. One of my new found friends, she is a gem-and I'm sure you will like her as much as I do!

Betsy Halford, mixed media (exhibiting at Little Tree Gallery)

Betsy is a mixed media artist using found and recycled objects, as well as fabric, paint, glass and anything else that inspires her to create art. Each piece created is unique and starts with one of her found "treasures" guiding her along until the piece is complete. Some pieces speak louder than others and come together quickly, while other pieces she has to “listen” to for awhile to figure out what they are trying to say.

Betsy started gathering "treasures" as a child growing up in South Carolina. She was influenced by her parents who were both collectors of everything and incurable pack rats.

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