Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bart Webb-featured artist

What can I say about Bart Webb? That he is totally awesome?! Heck yeah! His mixed media works and metal sculpture are so much fun and off-kilter, in a really good way. He is one of our hosts for Art in the Afternoon and his studio is one party-down space. We had our Museum School auction here and it rocked the house! I will make sure to take pictures on Saturday so you can get a feel for it, but hopefully you can come out see for yourself on April 3!

Bart Webb, Mixed Media and Sculpture
Bart Webb is a self-taught artist living and working in Avondale Estates GA. In 2005, after working as a welder for around twenty years, he threw away his tape measure and opened Bart Webb Studio. His specialty is metal sculpture, but also enjoys working with mixed media by incorporating wood, fabric, paint, and found objects. Nothing is safe from being changed into art. Please drop by the studio sometime. For more info please go to or

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