Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jody McFerren-Art in the Afternoon feature

My new friend Jody McFerren just had an opening reception at Little Tree Gallery a couple weeks ago and I just love the depth in his abstract works. The title of his show is "Evolution of a Gay Man" and his paintings are a series of emotions over the last few years of his life. Very strong and moving works full of color that are simply presented with handmade wooden frames. Beautiful stuff and a really cool show. So, we get to showcase his work this weekend during Art in the Afternoon alongside previously featured Jeni Stallings and Pat Berryhill. What a treat!

Jody McFerren, Painting
McFerren grew up in the small farm town of Waynesboro, Pa., and knew he was an artistic individual and took many classes that provided him with the skills to further his creative endeavors. After moving to Atlanta in 1996, McFerren became involved in the Decatur community serving on many festival committees. He provided the logo and promotional designs during those years and created the sign and logo for the Brick Store Pub located in Decatur, as well as the logos for Thinking Man Tavern. He created designs for PEZ Candy, which hang on the walls in the PEZ museum in California. In 2005, he became co-owner of Our Way Cafe located in Avondale with partner Eva Roswall. The theme for his new exhibition focuses on emotions from color and texture from the eyes of a gay man titled "Evolution of a Gay Man."

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