Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jeni Stallings-Art in the Afternoon feature

Oh Sunday eve, another weekend over in a blink!

Today, I got to meet the most wonderful Jeni Stallings at the artist orientation at Bart Webb Studios. And let me say, her work has become one of my faves in the April exhibition. She works with encaustics and has these very zen themes, luscious use of color and just plain feel-good imagery that I would love to be able to see in my house everyday! She will be exhibiting at Little Tree Gallery, so please come out to Art in the Afternoon, Saturday, April 3, 3-7 pm and have a glass of wine and take in the scenery-you won't be disappointed!

Jeni Stallings, Encaustic
Stallings paints the distance of her hands from her heart, addressing the human condition. Reoccurring symbols of spirituality, personal and sacred to her, are central to the composition. Sometimes she uses the figure to emphasize gesture, rhythm, or physical quirks. Besides the figure, Stallings paints situations and/or impressionable shapes to create sentiment and respect for nature and life.

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