Thursday, April 01, 2010

A few springtime blocks

In the midst of all this Art in the Afternoon craziness, I actually squeezed in a little time to create three 5x5 blocks. I took these in a little different direction using pattern as a base and then some free form sketches. I'm trying to work with less of a plan and just put down ideas as they come. Sometimes I have an intention to paint with a series of themes in mind, but then as the idea starts to form through painting, it tends to change, or not come out as I envisioned. Which can be a battle sometimes. In my head, there's this picture of how I want it to look, but it won't come out exactly as I anticipated. I'm starting to let go of that, there is this rigid nature as an adult to want everything to be planned and just so. This can be my challenge, and I hope these small studies on blocks can free me up a bit.

Titles from right to left: Sanctuary, Ronde, Rasberry Swirl

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