Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Art in the Afternoon-Hang on Sister

Whoo hoo! We made a last minute add-on to the Melia residence, Hang on Sister! My good friend Connie Fontova and her sisters have been creating upcycled jewelry from bottlecaps and inserting their whimsy in the mix. So very cute stuff, and affordable too! So come by and have a glass of wine and try on some necklaces-she just started working with metal clay too!

Hang on Sister, upcycled jewelry
Five sisters from Alabama make up Hang On Sister! Most of their jewelry is made from upcycled bottle caps and magazines. These aren't your usual pre-fab, mass produced bottle cap necklaces. Each necklace is made by hand and are embellished with beads, charms and whatever else they may find lying around. One of the sisters, Connie Fontova, is an Avondale Estates resident. Recently, she started dabbling in using precious metal clay to make small dog tag pendants as well.

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