Friday, April 30, 2010

Art in the Afternoon feature-Annie Evans

ok, I love, love, love Annie Evans clay works! And here's the thing, I haven't even seen her work in person yet, only photos, and I just recently met her, and let me tell you, she is just wonderful. We are in for treat at the Melia and Newman residences for Art in the Afternoon! And, she is going to spread her work out between the 2 carriage houses (they're across the street from each other) So you get twice the amount of eye-candy and I guarantee that you will be just as enamored with her work as I am!

Annie Evans, Ceramics
Evans foremost creative goal is to honor the female, the subordinate one-half of our race. All of her work, with the exception of a few animals, is comprised of women. She also creates human-animal hybrids, a concept found in myths and religions across cultures and time. We are but one of many animal species, related to the others both physically and emotionally. Her hybrids offer an imaginative leap to our connectedness to other animals, to the spirit world and to humor, with the juxtaposition of soft clothing, feminine curves and animal heads.All of Evans pieces are hand built with stoneware or earthenware clay. The surfaces are rough, rather than smooth, to offer depth and complexity to the finish. She fires each piece several times, applying oxide washes, underglazes and glazes to achieve layered and variegated colors.

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