Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shimmering Roses

This afternoon I went to the Atlanta Bridal Show with my sister to check out all those things needed to plan a wedding. My sister is getting married in August, so she thought it would be fun to go to this show and get some ideas. Since I never had a traditional wedding of my own to plan, it was kind of cool to go through the motions of figuring out how to put a grand event together. It is going to be crazy challenging, but it surely will be fun. At the end of the day, there was a bridal fashion show. shimmering roses,wedding dress,bridal show

Totally hilarious models strutting around with goofy little skits and an obnoxious MC to boot. I could definitely do without him, but the models were actually great to watch. Some of the dresses though were gorgeous and it made me think about what I would choose if I had to. Not that I even want some big 'ol billowing white number, but it would be fun to pick that one amazing frock that makes you feel amazing. If I could ever afford one of Vera Wang's (or crazy enough to participate in the running of the brides at Filene's basement) I would wear this one called shimmering roses.

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