Sunday, March 22, 2009

A trip to the zoo

Spring is officially here and this weekend, since we had no social or work obligations it was so nice to wake up this morning, pack sandwiches and take a trip to the zoo! The animals were a little sleepy this morning, but I got some great pics of the giraffes. They are my daughter's favorite animals and they are becoming one of my favorites too.zoo,giraffe,carousel,trip,

The girls ran around checking out all the exhibits (so nice to not have a stroller this time!) visiting the petting zoo (so stinky) and finally ended up at the most anticipated carousel ride. I decided to not ride this time and get some pics of the girls, and found myself getting some other images of the ride itself. Carousels are so cool! After a picnic lunch, a pit stop at the zoo playground, it was time to take two very exhausted little girls home for a restful afternoon. It was a good day.

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