Friday, March 06, 2009

Unwavering Spirits


A piece I did a long time ago during my pastel and watercolor phase. But this piece spoke to me after I read Sea of Poppies, a story about the opium trade in India during British rule in the 1830's. One of those epic tales that sweeps you into a culture that is so unfamiliar territory to any of us who live a comfortable existence. The amazing tenacity of people and the struggle to survive in the most deplorable conditions. When visiting India, I saw the poverty and absolute suffering people endure and it is unforgettable. I can only think that those who are so devoted to their faith, it's all they possess. One constant in their lives that allow them to keep going.

This piece illustrates an unwavering spirit bird guiding and protecting even when a person is unaware, but still follows the pull of that spirit within themselves.

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