Monday, March 30, 2009

Special K

Special K is a painting inspired by my little girl Karina. I haven't done a portrait of her EVER. Funny, I guess I just don't do many portraits and even feel like I'm not very good at them. And really, this doesn't look like her, she has soft brown hair and brown eyes, but I liked the idea of painting an impression of her. girl,portrait,painting,special,red

She is feisty, yet quiet, beautiful with a joyous laugh and maybe a little too serious at times. When Karina saw this piece, she knew it was her and didn't even comment on the red hair and how it is not an exact likeness of herself. That is the mind of a child, so accepting and she actually understands that I did it on purpose! Maybe her attitude is wearing off on me, I hope so. She is so special, isn't she?


A Cagey Bee said...

Beautiful work! I found your blog after reading your comments on the DesignSponge biz ladies post & am so glad I did. :)

I hadn't heard of the Atlanta Art House before & after a few minutes checking out the site, I'm already a huge fan. I signed up to do 2 projects & can't wait to get started. What a great concept!

Just wanted to say thanks. :)


Jen Singh said...

Thanks Kris! And especially for letting me know how you found me. Art House is great and can't wait to submit my first "project" for the July show.

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