Thursday, January 14, 2010

Great finds at Decatur Estate

Yesterday, I visited Decatur Estate after running some errands. I LOVE this place which is full of mid-century, vintage and antique items in 6000 sq. ft. of space. I usually hunt for old books and frames, antique plates and odd furniture, but today I found some really out of the ordinary items. An old wooden fabric stamp, which will come in handy for some paintings where some nice texture is needed,

four decoupaged Japanese trays that will be re-purposed into some original works,

a really interesting Japanese publication full of black and white photography and line work-the pages of characters will be used for collage elements.

And finally, a couple old books, one of which is a 1949 copy of Wuthering Heights. I've been trying to read this book for years, and I know it's a classic and people rave about it, but I am TRYING to get through it, keep putting it down, starting again. I will finish it one day and be one of those people who rave about it, but until then I have this lovely copy to admire.

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