Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Story boxes-new series

A new piece just finished over here entitled "oiseau" and it's part of my "story boxes" collection. Actually, my sister-in-law gave me the idea because that's what she called them when she first saw them and it just was the perfect idea (thanks Nicolette!). My daughter found this little red bird on the ground during the Christmas village event at Stone Mountain and so this piece revolved around that "find"

I was struggling with titles and such, and I thought since I've got this thing with birds going on (and who doesn't lately?) I would title the series "A Melody Story" These story boxes will have a recurring theme of music and birds, nature and singing, just down-right loopy, happy, whimsical references to all that makes your imagination soar, when you hear a song, a bird sing, or even the sound of wind through trees. The magic of sounds that put you in a certain mood, trigger a memory or just plain make you appreciate today.

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