Sunday, January 31, 2010

Life drawings

I was finally motivated to photograph some of my life drawing work from college for my sister-in-law who requested some prints for their apartment in Chicago. Most of these pieces were done on 18x24 newsprint and they have been sitting in my flat files for over 15 years! And there were few others done with oil pastel on Rives BFK. Rives has such an amazing buttery quality and I still have a stack of leftover sheets in my flat files. It may be time to pull some out and experiment with a few ideas. Some good nostalgia was stirred up paging through these old drawings and inspires me to get back to traditional drawing roots.

The three images she picked to create a Parisian feel, oo la la!


Hayley Egan said...

I feel inspired to pick up some charcoal too :)

Jen Singh said...

I know, and I remember how wonderful it was to have that messy little charcoal stick in my hand. I need to find someplace to do some life drawing again!

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